Freshwater fishing

The most common fishes in freshwater are brown trout/ørret, Arctic char/røye.

Since many freshwaters border on sea by river, there are good possibilities for sea trout/sjøørret and salmon.

Closest freshwater is located 500 metres away.
There are many  big freshwaters where you can combine fishing with trips and bring a canoe.

Kørelen, located 1,5 kilometres from Sotra Rorbusenter is one of Sotra’s largest freshwaters. There are plenty of fish, and a brown trout over 4 kg has been caught here.


Good freshwaters

There are several great freshwaters not far from Sotra Rorbusenter.

In the winter you can fish on ice at many of the freshwaters, Arctic char is common fish.

Sotra Rorbusenter